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Hiraeth (Read on NPX)

One great beer,
three mythic knights,
900 years of memories:
Sometimes what’s true isn’t what’s real.

Over drinks in a pub, two strangers have a shocking revelation: they seem to know each other well and share memories of their past lives in the ancient mythic cycle of King Arthur. One believes that the myths are true and the memories are real, but flawed memories are not convincing evidence for the other. They enter into a heated debate about myth, identity, loyalty, survival, and the nature of memory. And just when it seems they’ve reached an impasse, an ancient enemy enters the fray to offer everyone answers…for a price. (5 actors; 80 min. Diverse & gender-flexible casting.)

Development History:
Reading – San Francisco State University & Z Space, 2016


Mercy Killing (Read on NPX)

Romance is dead. Literally.

Mercy is a barista is San Francisco. She’s also a serial killer. But it’s fine, the only person who knows is Thana, the Grim Reaper who keeps showing up at the murder scenes. She’s also Mercy’s girlfriend. Sort of. It’s complicated, especially because Mercy keeps flirting with Angie, the podcaster who hangs out at her coffee shop. Except Angie thinks there might be a serial killer in San Francisco. And there is, unless Mercy can stop. But if she stops, she’ll never get to see Thana again, and that’ll make it really hard to date. But so does Thana’s ex, another Reaper named Harmon, who also wants to know why there’s a serial killer running around unreported. Will romance be another casualty of this serial killing spree? (3 women, 1 man, 50-60 min. Diverse casting.)

Production History:
Professional – Awesome Theatre, 2018


Queen of the Sword (Read on NPX)

The story of the woman who became the world’s greatest swordsman.

Just after the turn of the century, six women meet for a fencing class “for physical education and the betterment of young ladies.” When they discover their teacher is a woman once known as La Jaguarina, a world-renowned athlete, they are whisked into the fantastical tales of her time as a champion of the male-dominated world of competitive swordplay. But with rumors, history, and theory converging, La Jaguarina must finally defend not only her title as wold champion of the blade, but also her stories, her choices, and herself. (7 women,  90-100 min. Diverse casting.)

Development History:
Reading – Loud & Unladylike Festival, 2016


Spell Eternity (Read on NPX)

Magic is an illusion. Real power changes the fabric of reality.

Unlike her best friend Kai, a brilliant spellcaster, Gerda has no aptitude for magic and buries herself in history and lore instead. But when a dangerous entity intent on decimating their world unleashes an ancient curse from myth, Kai is infected and vanishes. Now, Gerda must use every mundane skill she can muster in a race through their swiftly dying lands to find Kai before the curse destroys his mind… and all hope of breaking the curse is lost with him. (8 actors, ~2hrs. Diverse casting, some gender-flexible casting.)

Production History:
Professional (Workshop) – Quantum Dragon Theatre, 2017