So, for the first* time in nearly a decade, I’m acting. On stage. With memorized lines and a costume and everything.

I’m terrified, but it’s also gonna be fun. There’s a great lineup.

As part of Awesome Theatre‘s anthology/competition (In Search of) The Funniest Play Ever, I’ll be performing this Wednesday, 12 June, in Emily Stapleton’s delightfully hilarious short play TWINKIE. I’m playing The Devil, because of course I am.

So if you’re hanging around San Francisco and don’t have anything better to do, come on around to Pianofight and see five more hysterical short plays square off to hopefully claim a slot in the semi-finals and get one step closer to the grand prize of a full-length production! Tickets are available here.



*Technically I’ve been in a couple staged readings and a webseries since my last stage production, but the reading had very little rehearsal and the webseries was mostly improv, so this is the first legit acting I’ve had to do in a bit.

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