Whelp, it’s August, and that means it’s time for 31 Plays in 31 Days, which I like to think of as the playwright’s NaNoWriMo, in a sense. The idea is exactly what it says on the tin: write 1st drafts of 31 plays within the month of August. Founded by two playwrights I know and love, Rachel Bublitz and Tracy Held Potter, the point is not to produce the next great masterpiece, or even something ready for a reading, just something in a semi-complete draft state that you can use as a foundation to edit or write forward from, and to help build that habit of daily writing.

I suck at daily writing. I always have. I think about it, but actually disciplining myself to sit down and get the words onto the page, whether for a play, a fiction piece, or even a quick blog entry like this, is hard for me. That’s why I like challenges like the 31/31 or NaNo. The sense of universal solidarity with some infinite number of other writers who might be participating helps me fell like like I’m not suffering through shitty first drafts alone, and gives me some motivation to try to, if not achieve the official goal, at least do slightly better than Past Me did.

This year, my personal goal for 31 Plays in 31 Days is to write the equivalent of one complete short-play draft (less than 5 pages, even)  every day, as well as 2-3 pages of one of my longer scripts, with the hope that by 31 August I will have drafts of 30 short plays and 1 full length in total. So far it’s day 2 and I’m already “behind” but hey, any words on the page are better than none. I’m tweeting 1-sentence summaries of each day’s draft to try to keep myself accountable (follow me here @LadyBedivere if you wanna see them), and every 5 days or so I’m planning to post a round-up here with those summaries and maybe my favorite line from each draft. No promises. But if you actually follow along either at this blog or on my Twitter and want to see more, let me know. Write On!